La collection : source d'imaginaire pour la création en design couleur et matière

Maronnat, Juliette (2017) La collection : source d'imaginaire pour la création en design couleur et matière. [Mémoire]



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Item Type: Mémoire
Creators: Maronnat, Juliette
Directeur de recherche: Becheras, Elodie
Divisions: Institut Supérieur Image Design (ISCID)
Diplôme: M2 Design d'espace, couleur, lumière
Subjects: ARTS-LETTRES-LANGUES-PHILOSOPHIE > Arts visuels > Arts appliqués
Uncontrolled Keywords: collection , création , couleur , glanage , investigation , design
Abstract: Ce mémoire de fin d'études sur la thématique de la collection et comment elle peut être source de création en design couleur et matière. Ce sujet interroge mon travail personnel, qui se situe à la fois dans les champs disciplinaires du design d'espace et de la couleur-matière. Ce mémoire s'intéresse aux différentes étapes que requiert la création d'une collection. La première d'entre elles est de collecter et de rassembler des éléments ensemble par la prospection de terrain ainsi que la récolte d'éléments. Cette première étapes est très importante car elle influence toutes les autres à venir. A la suite de ces étapes de collection, vient se poser la question de la création et des liens qu'elle entretient avec la collection...
Résumé dans une autre langue: This master's thesis is about a collection and how it can be the origin of creation in color and material design. This abstract interrogates my work in both fields of spacial and color-material design, because there are fields I will focus on in my professionnal future. Spacial design because I see and try to understand the world in which I live through the eyes of a spacial designer. And color-material designer because this is my future work to create new colors and material ranges. During the past two years, I have worked as a designer conceiving new projects and taking the steps, from subject, or client request to final project delivery. For me, the collection could be both an answer and a methodology for creation. Indeed, to create a collection, many steps are needed. And the first step is putting things together, going out in the field, observing and bringing back the necessary ideas or materials . This research methdology is maybe the most important step because it influences all the following steps. After having collected materials, color reproductions and photographs, the designer-collector has to sort through and classify to create a reference catalog. In the steps of creating, I tried to think differently: from the order and classification, I try to find other collection possibilities. In my opinion, these can be of poetic forms or harmonies, which contain by nature, the idea of organisation (words for poetry, color for harmony etc.), but can be in different ways. This is true harmony between things, words and sensations which can help designers to dream up new things, putting order and rigidity aside. Collections are a way to understand the world around us, and the designer's mission is to use collections to think up and conceive, space, color, hamony. Finally, I feel that the designer makes the world a more beauty place !