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Alice, Fauré (2018) “The Many in the One, the One in Many; All is not Some, nor Some the same as Any”: Unity, disunity and medical practice(s) in George Eliot's Middlemarch. [Mémoire]

Amodeo, Delphine (2020) La reconstruction à travers l'amour après un traumatisme dans 'Je veux vivre' (Jenny Donwham), 'Ma vie pour la tienne' (Jodi Picoult) et 'A tout jamais' (Nicholas Sparks). [Mémoire]

Anchordoqui, Claire (2016) Indigenous Women Decolonizing America: A Study of Four Sioux Life Stories. [Mémoire]

Andrino, David (2019) L'Analyse satirique du progrès humain et la relation oppositionnelle entre liberté et le nationalisme dans Eyeless in Gaza et Ape and Essence par Aldous Huxley. [Mémoire]

Aries, Magali (2016) Intermediality, re-mediation and inter-sensuality: the poetics and aesthetics of the In-Between in Stephen Poliakoff's 'slow television' from 'Shooting the Past'(1999) to 'Dancing on the Edge'(2013). [Mémoire]

Aufderbruck-Londres, Don (2017) The Impact of Paganism On The Anglo-Saxon Cultural Identity Through Popular Culture. [Mémoire]


Babe, Maëva (2019) Les formes de vie non-humaines et leurs représentations dans la série Harry Potter de J.K Rowling à travers les comparaisons inter espèces. [Mémoire]

Bels, Emmanuelle (2016) Memory, Melancholy and Nostalgia in W. G. Sebald’s 'Austerlitz'. [Mémoire]

Benromdhane (Haouel), Rim (2019) La représentation Orientaliste du Sahara dans le cinéma Occidental. [Mémoire]

Beraud, Maxime (2020) Traduire les Jeux de Mots dans Percy Jackson et les Olympiens de Rick Riordan. [Mémoire]

Bonnet, Claire (2018) Chicago, or Theodore Dreiser's poetics of the city in Sister Carrie. [Mémoire]

Bories, Claire (2017) The Theme of Betrayal in Alice Munro's "The Love of a Good Woman", "The Children Stay" and "To Reach Japan". [Mémoire]

Boyer, Marika (2020) Le récit spéculaire et ses implications écologiques dans les nouvelles d'exploration de Margarat Atwood intitulées "The Age of Lead" et "The Labrador Fiasco". [Mémoire]

Béard, Aurélie (2018) Domestic Workers' Resistance. [Mémoire]


Campion, Sarah (2018) Nostalgia and Revisionism Intertwined: Todd Haynes's Reworking of the Melodrama Genre in Far From Heaven, Mildred Pierce, and Carol. [Mémoire]

Cazaméa, Alexia (2017) Songs of the Great Famine: translating stories and their music. [Mémoire]

Chadelle, Sophie (2017) Gender, stereotypes and Translation: A Case study of Ugly Betty. [Mémoire]

Chateau, Sébastien (2016) Translating Bartitsu: Revival of a Compendium of Manliness and Courtly Manners. [Mémoire]

Choy, Marina (2017) "Abstinence-Only?" The Contemporary Battles over Sex Education in the United States. [Mémoire]

Clapie, Alice (2018) Crisis and Creative Destruction in Tony Kushner's Angels in America. [Mémoire]

Courrieu, Emilie (2020) From Victim to Persecutor: The Ambivalence of Characterization in The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. [Mémoire]


De Boer, Rianne (2017) A Commented Translation of H.Paul Honsinger's Science Fiction Novel To Honor You Call Us. [Mémoire]

Denat, Aurélie (2020) Comparisons and name-calling in 21st Century political satire: Late-Night shows under the Trump Era. [Mémoire]

Denève, Stéphanie (2016) Interactions between Humans and the Natural Environment in Popular Songs from the Lower Mississippi Basin. [Mémoire]

Dewer, Valentine (2020) Visions du changement dans "A Cry of Absence" de Madison Jones et "Flood - A Romance of Our Time" de Robert Penn Warren. [Mémoire]

Dosnon, Elise (2016) Black Lives Matter and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement: A Comparative Study. [Mémoire]

de Seguins, Ophélie (2020) “We All Peel Labels”: Edward Albee's Critical Depiction of the American Society in The American Dream and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? A Linguistic and Theatrical Analysis. [Mémoire]


Eguienta, Ophélie (2017) Twenty-First Century Police Brutality against African Americans: The Case of Ferguson, Missouri, and the "Black Lives Matter" Movement. [Mémoire]

Engster, Marie (2017) The stories of nature, the nature of stories: an ecocritical reading of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax. [Mémoire]

Entringer, Tanguy (2019) La sociophonologie dans une communauté de jeunes adultes à Birmingham - Vers une définition. [Mémoire]


Fabre, Lison (2016) Short Front Vowels in Australian English. A real time analysis. [Mémoire]

Fabre, Pauline (2019) Margaret Atwood's Hag-Seed: The Tempest in a Hall of Mirrors and Recasting Miranda. [Mémoire]

Faulkner, Soisik (2016) Transmission and Enclosure Through the Figure of the Teacher. A comparative literary study of Antic Hay by Aldous Huxley, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark and Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov. [Mémoire]

Favant, Estelle (2020) Le Cinéma de Jim Jarmusch : du Banal vers l'Extraordinaire. [Mémoire]

Favareille, Charlotte (2017) Representations of Alzheimer's Disease in Lisa Genova's Still Alice. [Mémoire]

Fearn, Anne-Sophie (2017) The representation of the subaltern in "The Embassy of Cambodia" by Zadie Smith. [Mémoire]

Fearn, Anne-Sophie (2017) The representation of the subaltern in "The Embassy of Cambodia" by Zadie Smith. [Mémoire]

Fernandez, Camille (2016) "Freedom, Prosperity, and Education for All": Social and Political Reform in the Gilded Age According to Karl Heinzen, a German-American Radical with a Caustic Pen. [Mémoire]

Firth, Brendan (2020) The word "welfare" in American politics between 1930 and 1980, a Cognitive Linguistics perspective. [Mémoire]

Fleuriot, Pauline (2019) Le cinéma de Ken Loach: naturalisme, déterminisme et empathie dans Kes, Family Life et Moi, Daniel Blake. [Mémoire]


Gautier, Noémie (2020) Espaces, frontières et mirages dans les nouvelles de Daphne du Maurier. [Mémoire]

Gimenez, Doriane (2016) Re-created Identities: Ancient Myths and American Mythology in Jeffrey Eugenides's 'Middlesex'. [Mémoire]

Gineste, Lorelei (2016) The Rebecca Riots: Fathoming the Welsh Movement as a Microcosm of Nineteenth-Century Welsh Society. [Mémoire]

Gomez, Nathalie (2018) "She must have cost a great deal to make" Women as economic agents in Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth and Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie. [Mémoire]

Gourdoux, Eva (2016) Regionalism and Universalism in Flannery O'Connor's Complete Stories. [Mémoire]

Guerrin, Alice (2018) The Corporeal Discourse in Jeanette Winterson's "Written on the Body": Examination of Illness and Its Signification. [Mémoire]


Hill-Charalambides, Kathleen (2018) A Comparative Study between the short story "The Love of a Good Woman"(1998) by Alice Munro and the film SUNRISE(1927) by Murnau viewed from the perspective of the philosophy of care. [Mémoire]

Hénaux, Charlène (2020) L'Histoire LGBTQ+ Américaine à l'Ere Numérique: Toujours Radicale? Le cas de [Mémoire]


KELLY, Leah Christine (2018) Competing Ideologies in California Education: A Discourse-Historical Approach to Analyzing Multiculturalism from the 1960s to 2000. [Mémoire]

Keranforn-Liu, Loïc (2020) Les Caractéristiques linguistiques des slogans politiques et publicitaires : une étude contrastive. Examen du contexte américain des quinze dernières années. [Mémoire]

Kettaf, Fatima-Zohra (2018) Bilingual Education in the USA: A Case Study into Discourse Analysis. [Mémoire]


Lamarque-Laberdure, Florian (2016) Intersensoriality & synaesthesia in Blade Runner (1982), Minority Report (2002), A scanner darkly (2006) & Total Recall (1990). [Mémoire]

Lecocq, Soizic (2016) Building a Media Image: The Political Strategies of Nigel Farage during the 2015 General Election Campaign. [Mémoire]

Levecq, Pauline (2018) Power and Femininity: Representing the Devil in Early Modern Scotland. [Mémoire]


Malby, Samuel (2017) Immigration in the UK and the USA: Priorities in Detention and Deportation. [Mémoire]

Malorgio, Laure (2016) Identification and Emancipation: Creating the Joycean Language From Dubliners to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. [Mémoire]

Marchal, Pauline (2019) La caractérisation et la récéption des jeunes filles dans cinq romans écrits par John Green. [Mémoire]

Margaritis, Alice (2017) Representations of Migrants in Irish Cinema 2000-2007. [Mémoire]

Martin, Astrid (2016) The relationships between the United States and Iran since 9/11: Misperceptions, Prejudices, and Negotiations. [Mémoire]

Martin, Laura (2021) Une étude comparative des représentations de la femme esclave dans les récits d’esclaves féminines du 19e siècle et dans les interviews d’anciennes esclaves du 20e siècle. [Mémoire]

Martos, Pauline (2017) Damsels in Distress: A Portrayal of Young Girls in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides. [Mémoire]

Mazeran, Auriane (2019) Excess and Abyss in Will Self's Dorian: an Imitation (2002): Testing the Limits of Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray (1890). [Mémoire]

Michel, Aurélien (2019) "C'est aussi ma guerre !" Les Femmes américaines et la Seconde Guerre mondiale. [Mémoire]


O'Callaghan, Victoria (2018) Intelligibility of L2 specialist oral discourse: the study of a small corpus of French psychologists. [Mémoire]

Ongaro, Eva (2018) (Re)constructing Femininity and Sexuality in Contemporary Feminized Popular Culture: A Case Study of Fifty Shades Series. [Mémoire]


Pebay, Lucie (2016) The Figure of the Soldier in Green Zone (2010) and American Sniper (2014). Representation, Reflectionism and Politics. [Mémoire]

Pellerin, Salomé (2017) “It is not the past that matters but the future”: the healing process in Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926) and Death on the Nile (1937). [Mémoire]

Plaza, Zuzanna (2019) Story into Metastory: A Stylistic Analysis of Alice Munro's Metafictional Short Stories. [Mémoire]

Pons, Lola (2018) Transient Spaces in Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Drive,' 'Only God Forgives' & 'The Neon Demon'. [Mémoire]

Périn, Eugénie (2018) HYPERFILMICITY AND AUDIOVISUAL TRANSLATION : Dubbing the Live-Action Remakes of Disney Animated Classics. [Mémoire]


Rami, Bénédicte (2016) Navajo Indians: Justice and Identity. [Mémoire]

Raynaud, Camille (2016) The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre: Myth or Reality? A Study of English Renaissance Drama in Poland in the 16th-17th and 20th-21st Centuries. [Mémoire]

Raynaud, Mélissa (2016) The linguistic evolution of political journalists: a comparison between the 1960s-1970s and the 2000s-2010s in the United States of America. [Mémoire]

Roca, Alexis (2018) The place of Pacific Islands players within international rugby. [Mémoire]

Ronda, Aurelie (2016) From art to documentary photography: A study of the photojournalistic group, The Bang Bang Club, during the South African political transition (1990-1994). [Mémoire]

Réquéna, Julie (2019) De la ségrégation aux droits civiques: Le développement de l'identité féminine et afro-américaine pendant la première moitié du 20e siècle. Le Cas de Pauli Murray (1910-1985). [Mémoire]


Sarrail-Dupont, Yorick (2020) “Oh, never mind about the clothes, they're easily changed.” – Costumes and identities in Doctor Who (1982-1989). [Mémoire]

Sarroméjean, Damien (2017) Exit Through the Gift Shop: the Documentary Film Questioned by the Artist. [Mémoire]

Schall, Laura (2017) The Theme of Haunting in Thomas King's Truth and Bright Water. [Mémoire]

Smith, Océane (2019) Une étude linguistique de la construction "war on". [Mémoire]


Van Hoof, Muriel (2017) John Clare’s Poetry and Ecological Thought. [Mémoire]

Vattant, Laura (2020) De Carlisle à Alcatraz: redéfinir le Red Power Movement. [Mémoire]

Vignau, Amaury (2020) A Linguistic and Stylistic Study of Once Upon a Time: Postmodern Version of the Genre. [Mémoire]


Yousuf, Rose-Mary (2020) Les origines sociales de la Ligue Musulmane en Inde britannique, 1857-1906. [Mémoire]


Zrari, Imad (2017) The Blurring of Politics, Postmodernist Aesthetics and Writing in What a Carve Up! and Number 11, Jonathan COE. [Mémoire]

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