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Agon, Céline (2016) Policy approaches to tackling illicit activities in contemporary Britain, the example of pharmaceutical crime. [Mémoire]

Anchordoqui, Claire (2016) Indigenous Women Decolonizing America: A Study of Four Sioux Life Stories. [Mémoire]

Aries, Magali (2016) Intermediality, re-mediation and inter-sensuality: the poetics and aesthetics of the In-Between in Stephen Poliakoff's 'slow television' from 'Shooting the Past'(1999) to 'Dancing on the Edge'(2013). [Mémoire]

Aufderbruck-Londres, Don (2016) The Representation of Paganism in modern Anglo-Saxon Popular Culture: Paganism in Movies and TV Series. [Mémoire]

Azzaoui, Agathe (2016) The British cultural background between 1969 and 1974: the examples of Doctor Who and Monty Python's Flying Circus. [Mémoire]


Barreiros, Mégane (2016) Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Queen and A Mother. [Mémoire]

Bels, Emmanuelle (2016) Memory, Melancholy and Nostalgia in W. G. Sebald’s 'Austerlitz'. [Mémoire]


Campion, Sarah (2016) Scandal: Depiction and Perception of Contemporary American Politics. [Mémoire]

Chateau, Sébastien (2016) Translating Bartitsu: Revival of a Compendium of Manliness and Courtly Manners. [Mémoire]

Clapie, Alice (2016) Zoon Logikon? Dogs in Shakespeare's Drama. [Mémoire]


De Boer, Rianne (2016) Bram Stoker's Dracula: The linguistic analysis and comparative translation of Van Helsing's non-standard written language. [Mémoire]

Dejean, Florian (2016) Sorcerer: The Story of a Failure. [Mémoire]

Denève, Stéphanie (2016) Interactions between Humans and the Natural Environment in Popular Songs from the Lower Mississippi Basin. [Mémoire]

Dosnon, Elise (2016) Black Lives Matter and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement: A Comparative Study. [Mémoire]


Eguienta, Ophélie (2016) Modern Day Vigilantism in the United States: Border and Neighborhood Warches. [Mémoire]



Fabre, Lison (2016) Short Front Vowels in Australian English. A real time analysis. [Mémoire]

Faulkner, Soisik (2016) Transmission and Enclosure Through the Figure of the Teacher. A comparative literary study of Antic Hay by Aldous Huxley, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark and Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov. [Mémoire]

Fauré, Alice (2016) Time Travel and evolution in Mark Twain's A Yankee from Connecticut in King Arthur's Court. [Mémoire]

Favareille, Charlotte (2016) Female Genital Mutilation in Alice Walker’s Possessing the Secret of Joy: A Journey Towards Liberation of the Self. [Mémoire]

Fernandez, Camille (2016) "Freedom, Prosperity, and Education for All": Social and Political Reform in the Gilded Age According to Karl Heinzen, a German-American Radical with a Caustic Pen. [Mémoire]


Gimenez, Doriane (2016) Re-created Identities: Ancient Myths and American Mythology in Jeffrey Eugenides's 'Middlesex'. [Mémoire]

Gineste, Lorelei (2016) The Rebecca Riots: Fathoming the Welsh Movement as a Microcosm of Nineteenth-Century Welsh Society. [Mémoire]

Giralt, Julia (2016) Tribal Colleges in the United States: Empowering Native Americans? [Mémoire]

Gomez, Nathalie (2016) From A. to S: Modernizing America. [Mémoire]

Gourdoux, Eva (2016) Regionalism and Universalism in Flannery O'Connor's Complete Stories. [Mémoire]

Granier, Estelle (2016) Gender relations in V.S. Naipaul's Miguel Street: a portrait of Trinidadian society during the Second World War. [Mémoire]

Greschny, Emmanuel (2016) The Privatisation of British Rail and its impact on staff. [Mémoire]


Hill (Charalambides), Kathleen (2016) How Care Empowers the Sufferer in the Novel "The English Patient" by Michael Ondaatje. [Mémoire]

Hot, Manon (2016) Solitude in The Invention of Solitude by Paul Auster. [Mémoire]

Houdin, Brenda-Lee (2016) Ryan Coogler’s Fruitvale Station (2013): The depiction of a racial crime in a post-racial America? [Mémoire]

Howard, Leslie (2016) Sketches of Art, Literature, and Character: The Receptivity of Anna Jameson's Approach to European Art and Culture. [Mémoire]


Jelacic, Suzana (2016) La Monarchie Britannique en 1992. Comment les journaux ont reporté le discours Annus Horribilis de la Reine Elizabeth II. Le discours de maturité après 40 ans de règne. [Mémoire]


Kelly, Leah (2016) California's Hindu Textbook Controversy: Redefining Hindu American Identity. [Mémoire]

Kettaf, Fatima-Zohra (2016) CLARENCE THOMAS: a black conservative Justice. [Mémoire]


Lacarrière, Alexandra (2016) "Thanatography in Stephen King's Short Stories: The Triumph of the Fantastic Genre". [Mémoire]

Lalle, Pauline (2016) Gone Girl, in the meanders of a twisted game: representation of a female murderer. [Mémoire]

Lamarque-Laberdure, Florian (2016) Intersensoriality & synaesthesia in Blade Runner (1982), Minority Report (2002), A scanner darkly (2006) & Total Recall (1990). [Mémoire]

Lecocq, Soizic (2016) Building a Media Image: The Political Strategies of Nigel Farage during the 2015 General Election Campaign. [Mémoire]


Malorgio, Laure (2016) Identification and Emancipation: Creating the Joycean Language From Dubliners to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. [Mémoire]

Martin, Astrid (2016) The relationships between the United States and Iran since 9/11: Misperceptions, Prejudices, and Negotiations. [Mémoire]

Martos, Pauline (2016) Nature in Sylvia Plath's Ariel: A Landscape of Tradition and Revolt. [Mémoire]


Pebay, Lucie (2016) The Figure of the Soldier in Green Zone (2010) and American Sniper (2014). Representation, Reflectionism and Politics. [Mémoire]

Pellerin, Salomé (2016) The Golden Age Detective Novel: A Study of Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. [Mémoire]

Pons, Lola (2016) The Dystopian Cityscape in Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner'. [Mémoire]

Potier-Murphy, Agnès (2016) Translating Puns: A Study of a Few Examples from British Series, Books and Newspapers. [Mémoire]

Périn, Eugénie (2016) Popularising Shakespeare: the case of dubbed films in France in the 1990s. [Mémoire]


Rami, Bénédicte (2016) Navajo Indians: Justice and Identity. [Mémoire]

Raynaud, Camille (2016) The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre: Myth or Reality? A Study of English Renaissance Drama in Poland in the 16th-17th and 20th-21st Centuries. [Mémoire]

Raynaud, Mélissa (2016) The linguistic evolution of political journalists: a comparison between the 1960s-1970s and the 2000s-2010s in the United States of America. [Mémoire]

Ronda, Aurelie (2016) From art to documentary photography: A study of the photojournalistic group, The Bang Bang Club, during the South African political transition (1990-1994). [Mémoire]


Sarroméjean, Damien (2016) Style Wars: study of a documentary film’s voice. [Mémoire]


Winters, Lise (2016) The Forgotten Ones: Black Pioneers in 19th Century California. [Mémoire]

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